Milk White Moon
Milk White Moon

Hi there!

Milk White Moon is the visual diary of a girl named Gemini - yep, just like the zodiac sign. She is an advertising student moonlighting as a style blogger. You can also file her under gratuitous emoji user, bookworm, and thrift store wizard.

After spending a year in the Paris fashion industry working as an assistant stylist, Gemini created this blog as a way to share and stay connected with her love of fashion, travel, and an aesthetically discerning lifestyle (i.e., how to justify spending $35 on a candle).

The name Milk White Moon is an homage to the midnight moon: pale, beautiful, and superstitious.

A tiny moon as white and small as a single jasmine flower
Leans all alone above my window, on night’s wintry bower,
Liquid as lime-tree blossom, soft as brilliant water or rain
She shines, the one white love of my youth, which all sin cannot stain.
D. H. Lawrence