5-ish things

I may be a total Byredo fan girl, but this lotion is legitimately amazing. I hardly ever remember to moisturize my hands, but this smell is so exotic and comforting that I have almost used up the entire tube.


brow trio

from BH Cosmetics is a lifesaver... don't get me wrong, I love my Anastasia Brow Wiz as much as the next girl... but this is good for a messier, natural brow. Plus it only costs FIVE dollars.

 I love me a good highlight. I bounce between


one from Lush and


one from MAC. The Lush highlighter is more mellow for a day vibe. The MAC one is a total shimmer bomb, exclusively for a bare face, bold brows, and red lips.

Lippy du jour: I'm obsessed with cherry Babylips, and this new

lip balm pot

from Nightshift Wax Company. It smells like the juicy, ripe strawberries and moisturizing without being too shiny or glossy. 




how dainty and precious is this bracelet from

Stoned and Charming

? Marissa is such a doll, and makes gorgeous, simple gem stone centric pieces. I've been eyeing




to add to my collection.