Wedding Bells

I'm so excited to share these images from my wedding! We just had our one week anniversary (woo!) and it is all still sinking in.

The day flew by in a beautiful, surreal blur. All the clichéd things people tell you about getting married are true, by the way. The best advice I received was 1) Do whatever you want. This day is about celebrating you and your betrothed in whatever way suits you best. Wear a black lace wedding dress (I almost did!), play your favorite weird 90s emo song (my friends had their first dance to a song called "

Putting the Dog to Sleep

" by The Antlers.. it was sad, quirky, and so romantically perfect for them), and skip any traditions that don't resonate with you. 

For my hair, I wanted a dark, romantic look inspired by Marcel waves. My stylist,


, was a total doll who understood my vision. It's so important to find people that "get" you. Weddings are stressful enough without having to pull up a thousand Pinterest images while vehemently gesticulating to get your point across.

The pièce de résistance of any wedding is the dress, of course. Any bride can tell you about all the long nights they spent hunched over a computer, scrolling through endless white gowns. Or trampling/being trampled at wedding dress designer sales. Personally, I always knew I would wear a vintage dress with a bateau neck and long sleeves... and let me tell you,  I lost hope quite a few times. I ended up stumbling across my dream dress on Etsy! It was definitely a gamble... what if it doesn't fit!? what if there are weird stains/smells? But in my case it paid off. I brought the dress to a tailor to put a hidden zipper in the back. Another friend of mine did this, so genius! All those little buttons take forever to deal with, adding a hidden zipper kept the illusion of the buttons, with the convenience of the zip.

For makeup, my MUA and Man of Honor, Chris, did a moody, 1920s starlette inspired look. We used several shades of burgundy eye shadow from MAC, along with their Viva Glam III lipstick (I am obsessed...still wearing it after the wedding). For drama we did false lashes from Sephora's "Luxe"


. They totally mimicked the effect of mink lashes.

This post is getting reaaaal lengthy, so I'll wrap it up here. Quick shout-out to my florist,


, and photographer,


. Let me know if you'd like to read more wedding thoughts, or a post about planning a wedding (alone & on a shoe-string budget...cue manic laughter).