Beauty Faves December 2016

We all know the importance of diligent skincare, and have the Sephora receipts to prove it! I've been trying out some fun new products lately, and have some excellent products to share with you.

1. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum & B-Hydra Gel, $23 for the mini set

I am eternally trying new serums and potions, looking for something that actually makes my skin feel better for having used it. I tried the C-Firma serum as a sample from Sephora, and I'm obsessed. It smells a little vitamin-ey, but the rich serum absorbs quickly and dramatically firms & brightens. I swear the texture of my skin has been softer since I started using these. The mini set also includes the hydrating gel, which I've been using as my p.m. serum.

2. Thorn & Thicket Petal Potion body serum, $23

Handmade with love, lots of flowers, and a little hocus pocus, this body oil is the best thing that's happened to my legs since that growth spurt in '95. It smells like roses, clove, and tangerine and is made of a blend of pure oils like apricot kernel and evening primrose. I haven't had razor burn since I started applying this to my legs post-shower. I also use it for my elbows, décolletage, and on my tattoos!

3. Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, $14 and Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, $39

Caudalie is becoming one of my favorite beauty brands. This light & foamy cleanser smells divine and leaves your skin soft as a kitten's mitten. The moisturizing "sorbet" is a cross between a serum and a moisturizer. I love how it melts into your skin and packs a punch of hydration... and it's pink! Whee!

4. Nightshift Wax Co. Wild Roses toning mist, $36

This face mist smells like the loveliest fresh roses. It's light and refreshing, but the formula is heavy enough to actually tone and moisturize your skin. It's handmade with 100% natural and organic ingredients. I love to use this when I wake up, or right out of the shower.

5. Byredo Bal d'Afrique crème mains, $35

Keeping my hands from ever looking wrinkly or old is one of my bizarre phobias (along with the sound of people chewing and silverfish. Barf!) I find that carrying around a fancy little tube of hand cream reminds me to keep my paws pampered. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a proper Byredo perfume, but until then I will keep obsessing over the exotic scent of Bal d'Afrique, which "celebrates the influence of African culture on Paris in the late 1920s. Infused with notes of Neroli and Bergamot, hearty Violet and Jasmine and a rich base of Moroccan Cedarwood"

6. Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday perfume rollerball, $28

Scent is one of our senses most closely tied to memory. Maison Margiela's "Replica" series uses that concept to recreate memories, feelings, and places in perfume. Lazy Sunday is bright yet cozy, and all around heavenly. They describe it as such, "this floral fragrance combines notes of lily of the valley, patchouli, iris, and white musk to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment—a sun-drenched morning of relaxation."

7. Makeup

Essie's "Ladylike" nail polish is the perfect day-to-day nail shade. Sephora's blush, $14 in "Shame on You! No. 1" and Rouge Gel Lip Liner, $12, in "Crème de la crème No. 4" (I just wear it as a lipstick) are perfect shades of dusty rose that I've been reaching for every day lately. I've also been obsessed with this Marc Jacob's Velvet Noir mascara, $26, for dark and dramatic lashes.

Do you have any beauty favorites to share? Let me know in the comments!