MWM Wardrobe Refresh: Spring

With spring officially here, it's time to fold and tuck away all the heavy coats and long sleeves of winter. Just in time, too, because I've been feeling super uninspired by my current options. I recently picked up a few staple pieces to refresh my wardrobe for the new season. I'm not one to toss out all my old clothes and buy a lavish new wardrobe every season, so I try to narrow down 5-7 pieces that will breathe new life into my closet.

1. sweet kicks
    Sweet sneakers have become an enduring fixture in the fashion community, and rightly so. I love a fresh pair of Nikes with a mini skirt or pair of jeans. The Cortez has become pretty popular as of late, and I just adore all the fun prints and patterns. I already have a pair of red with white polka dots, so for my wardrobe update I opted for the burgundy leather, as they seem more durable and a little more sophisticated. Plus, I ordered them from Net-A-Porter, and any excuse to shop on that site makes me feel like a fancy lady. Free gift wrapping? Don’t mind if I do!

Nike Cortez  sneakers , $70

Nike Cortez sneakers, $70

2. white jeans
    I am FEELING me some white jeans right now. They embody that whole clean & chic aesthetic that’s all over social media currently… you know, the marble everything + latté look? In all seriousness, I just want to wear these with everything. Bomber jackets, faded tees, oversized men’s button downs…they are the perfect update to the classic black skinny jean. I think if you treat these like a basic pair of jeans, rather than a preppy uniform, that’s the key.

Asos Farleigh  Mom Jeans , $55

Asos Farleigh Mom Jeans, $55

3. pastel heels
    If you want to incorporate some stereotypical spring colors without looking like an Easter egg, look to footwear. I love these gingham-Dorothy-print heels from Asos. They will liven up any basic black or other plain dress.

4. statement dress
    This dress doesn’t particularly scream “springtime! bunnies! bicycles built for two!” but I adore the print, high collar, and 3/4 sleeves. For any wardrobe refresh, an awesome statement dress is key. I will totally wear this with oxfords and a jean jacket for day time, and dress it up with booties, tights, and a severe high bun for chilly spring nights.
You might think that a simple/neutral dress would be more useful, but I find that a statement piece with a bold print is an essential building block of my wardrobe. The kind of thing you love seeing hang in your closet, that you know you can throw on and look like a total babe.

Asos floral  dress  with lace detail, $77

Asos floral dress with lace detail, $77

5. sunnies
    this is probably just an excuse to fawn over my new Céline Anna glasses, but I love them! The cat eye-round hybrid frame is so adorable, and feels super fresh. I picked them out in the tortoiseshell frame, just to add some interest, and because the brown colors are way more spring/summer friendly than black frames. I bought these from a British retailer called Sunglasses Shop, after seeing Victoria (In the Frow) wearing these sunglasses, and recommending the shop! I rate them 100/100 for super quick, FREE shipping to the US, and having a great selection of authentic designer sunglasses.

6. updated skincare
    I finally got around to trying a bunch of new products that have been on my Sephora wish list forever. I use a multi-step skincare routine, and I’m constantly trying to fine-tune it. If you would like to read a more detailed post about my skincare and reviews of these products, let me know in the comments! I could talk about skincare FOREVER.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin serum, Origins toner, Bohdi Basics  deodorant  (organic, aluminum & GMO free, handmade deodorant that actually works. SO GOOD), Kate Somerville Goat Milk face cream.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin serum, Origins toner, Bohdi Basics deodorant (organic, aluminum & GMO free, handmade deodorant that actually works. SO GOOD), Kate Somerville Goat Milk face cream.