Squad Goals

Do you ever wake up and stare at your wardrobe, finally realizing that absolutely nothing will do except flats and the rattiest tee shirt to ever exist? Today is one of those days. I just want to lounge on the couch with Beaury and Wynand, watching Netflix (I'm on the cusp of starting Twin Peaks) and eating Ikea chocolate. Instead, I was productive and went to the post office then snapped these photos just as rain clouds were setting in.

In other very important news, I purchased a beret on Amazon (yass Prime shipping, yasss!) and I anxiously await its arrival. I'm 50% sure it's going to look super cool.

Also, I've been listening to this Ariana Grande song on repeat:

Outfit details: vintage tee, Lover tennis skirt, Zara flats, Uniqlo tights, Everlane bag, Celine "Anna" sunglasses, DIY choker.