Feelin' Dotty

Hello there!

I was in a totally squirrel-y mood when I got dressed today, as evidenced by this outfit. Sometimes you're just like "f it, I'm gonna wear polka dots, a child's onesie, and Terry Richardson glasses. #YOLO."

The glasses are part of my current home try on from Warby Parker. If you live in a cave and have never heard of them (I kid, I kid!) Warby Parker is a chic glasses retailer that offers you the option to have several frames sent to your house to "try on" for a week or so. For free! I don't normally wear glasses, but I'm in the market for a pair of reading glasses (thanks old age) and I'm between this pair and another cat-eye-ish pair, which I'm sure will be making a blog appearance soon.

In other exciting news, I've got some super awesome travel plans coming up in the last half of 2016. I'll be in DC next month to visit my BFF and then Europe for the end of the year. I want to do Paris (duh), Prague, and Budapest. I haven't done any international travel since I moved back from Paris a few years ago, and I've got the travel itch BIG TIME. I can't wait to don my Fjallraven Kanken and tromp around Europe. Let me know if you've been to any of these place/want to go/have recommendations! I would love to hear them!

Outfit details: H&M overall dress, American Apparel shirt, Nasty Gal heels, Warby Parker glasses, Etsy Watermelon tote, vintage clip-on bow.