D.C. Photo Diary

I recently made my way over to Washington, D.C. to see one of my best friends Chris & celebrate the 4th of July ('Murrica!). It was my first time visiting the city, but we had a fantastic time! There was so much delicious food, history, and culture to take in.

I'm a huge fan of cities that have proper public transportation; you feel so much more connected to the city and the people around you. We bought passes and took the metro pretty much everywhere. Even so, I think we walked about 10 miles a day!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet with a list of D.C. highlights

1. Monuments by night

We opted to do a walking "tour" of the monuments at night. If you plan correctly, they are laid out in something of a circular path. Seeing them at night means you aren't sweating your eyebrows off or battling camera-wielding crowds for a glimpse at ol' babe-raham Lincoln. We saw the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials, and WWII and Vietnam memorials.

2. Sightseeing

The Library of Congress looked like something plucked straight out of Versailles. They had an exhibit of Jefferson's personal library, too. How incredible to see all the languages he was versed in, and the beautiful books from the 1800s (and some older than that!). We also visited the National Gallery of Art, Folger's Shakespeare Library, the National Museum of Natural History, and the Botanical Gardens.

2. Food

So much delicious food. Momofuku and Milk Bar were our first stop. We feasted on ramen and ice cream. Oh, how we feasted. The next morning we ate a colossal brunch at Bar Charley (classic, delicious, the end.)

Lunch at Buredo was one of my favorite things; their concept is burrito sized, handheld sushi rolls. I ordered the "Elle," and have been dreaming about it ever since.

Oyamel dinner included cricket tacos, guacamole made table-side, green pozole (be still, my heart), and margaritas topped with fluffy whipped salt foam.

Rasika is a modern Indian restaurant, and one of the hottest tickets for dinner in D.C. Everything was impeccable. We tried what felt like the entire menu, including palak chaat (crispy fried spinach), papadum with chutneys, green chicken masala, and black cod braised in vinegar. I wish I had opted for their 4-course tasting menu ($60) so I could have tasted more!

A Baked Joint was one of those places that I could see myself hanging around all the time if I lived in D.C. It's a café/bakery where they offer amazing coffee, fresh baked goods (they bake their own bread!), and minimal chic ambiance (ahhhmbiancccce). We also went to their sister restaurant, Baked & Wired, for pistachio cupcakes and nitro-tapped coffees.

For drinks, Black Whiskey & Left Door are places I would definitely go back to. My favorite night in D.C. ended up being the night we all stayed in drinking wine and playing a perverted version of Apples to Apples. For all the amazing places to visit in the world, nothing compares to quality time with dear friends.

There are a few things we never got around to... Rose's Luxury, Pineapples and Pearls, the Eastern Market, and Black Cat are high on the list for my next visit.