Blue Jean Booty

Outfit details: vintage Wrangler jeans, Everlane pocket tee, Everlane Petra bag, Dolce Vita mules, Céline sunglasses.

Man, I've been having some good luck with vintage denim lately! These babies were calling to me on the Goodwill rack last week. I just cropped them and washed the raw hems to get that stringy look I'm so fond of.

It can be overwhelming to look through hundreds of pairs of thrift store jeans to find the vintage gems. I like to 1) scan the racks quickly, trying to pick out heavy weight denim or an authentic vintage wash. Most of the time, good vintage denim has distinctly heavier or thicker denim. They also tend to have unique fading, that modern jeans rarely replicate. My other tip is to 2) only buy jeans that fit your waist. It can be heartbreaking to leave behind the perfect vintage Levi's just because they're 4 sizes too big... but tailoring jeans smaller to fit you is extremely tedious and expensive. It's more likely that they will sit in your closet forever and eventually get donated back to a thrift store.

What do you have good luck thrifting? Let me know in the comments!