Asian Market Haul

Let's shake things up around here and talk about snacks, baby.

(Let's talk about snacks, baby, let's talk about you and me...)

I made a trip to one of my favorite Asian Markets this week, and I'm going to share my spoils - figuratively and literally! Enter my giveaway for a MWM care package (including some of the goodies shown here) at the end of this post!

Now let's take a look at what I bought.


Savory snacks

It can be difficult to shop for chips and other savory snacks when you're a stickler for avoiding MSG. I still managed to find some crab chips, (with the cutest packaging ever) two types of miso soup, and a new brand of seaweed snacks.

If you're not familiar with these little packs of seaweed, I suggest you run to your nearest grocery store and get your snack on immediately. They're reminiscent of chips, thin and crispy, and made with a little salt and sesame oil. I always throw one in my bag if I'm heading to class or work.

Sweet Snacks

I may have gone a little overboard, but look how cute everything is!

First I picked up two new flavors of Pocky, Coconut and Brazilian orange. I honestly bought them for the packaging, but they're super tasty! Also tossed into my cart were two cookies, Hello Panda and Collon. The gummy candies are my favorite. This brand , Kasugai, makes tons of flavors of gummies: lychee, honeydew, peach, kiwi..

I couldn't resist picking up some ice cream mochi! These green tea mochi are my favorite I've tried so far.


I grabbed a canned macadamia nut coffee and apple cider that caught my eye. I haven't tried them yet, but that coffee sounds so good. I bought a box of Thai tea so I can make it at home. You just brew the tea like normal, stir in sugar, then chill and add your choice of milk. I tried it yesterday with almond milk, yum!

Giveaway Time!

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