Princess Peach

Outfit details: H&M overall dress, Rag & Bone boots, Uniqlo tights, vintage puff sleeve top.

Snapped these photos after class. It always takes way too much will power for me to wear anything besides jeans and the t-shirt I slept in to class. In the cold reality of 8 a.m., personal expression and style seems infinitely less important than "if I don't brush my hair, I can sleep in for an extra 2 minutes!"

But in reality, personal style is a point of paramount significance in my life. Exercising creativity is one of the best feelings in the world, and I've learned to use that as a sort of moral compass. Anything that allows me to tap into that current of creativity is a categorical imperative.

Then again, anything worth doing in life usually requires us to put in a little extra effort.

Speaking of effort, I've been trying to read more. A few friends and I started a book club to further that goal. Here's our 2017 reading list in case you're looking for some books to read.