Exaggerated Angles

Taking some cues from menswear with these pinstriped trousers and boxy camel coat. This is the exact outfit I gravitate towards when I'm feeling cold/lazy.

I like how the pink and camel hues soften an otherwise very angular and androgynous look. I added a vintage snake brooch for a little "zazzy" factor. I have about a hundred cool pins that I never remember to wear. If you have any ideas for incorporating pins into your OOTD, let me know!

As we're progressing into February, all of the plans and goals I set as 2017 resolutions are rapidly turning into things I have to do. My planner looks like the manifesto of a crazy person (bullet journal, save meee!)

Lemme get sappy for a sec, and say 2017 has been a year of overcoming fears. 

I've heard the saying "good things come to those who ask for it," but it wasn't until I started venturing outside my comfort zone that I really saw the truth it that statement.

Whenever I'm faced with doing something outside my comfort zone — talking to a stranger, learning a new skill, or anything that doesn't involve watching Netflix with my pets and eating gummy bears — I get this tense, heart-in-my-throat feeling that gets progressively worse the more i think about doing the thing.

This year (so far) has been all about confronting that shitty feeling head-on, and to some extent, using it as a divining rod to suss out things I'm avoiding. Usually the worse I feel about it, the more I've been procrastinating or avoiding.

I don't know why we build mountains out of these molehills, but I do know they are responsible for holding many people (myself included) back from achieving their goals.

This is the year to say yes to new opportunity. And it's sure as hell the year of never apologizing or being embarrassed of being genuine. If you're trying to learn a new skill, save the world, or pursue something you love, it's time to stop acting like it's passé to take yourself seriously.

I'm currently reading "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rimes, and I've definitely borrowed some inspiration from her. Now I'm going to go say "yes" to a boba tea because I'm worth it, and because my ethics class shared "creepy bosses" horror stories for an hour today. Shiver.

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Outfit details: vintage pinstripe trousers, Louise et Cie oxfords, Lack of Color pink hat, American Apparel bodysuit, vintage camel coat, Everlane bag, vintage snake brooch.