Can we talk about these trousers?? Like ok, you're a sensible high rise pair of trousers but when you add that palazzo leg... damn! Zara really knocked it out of the park with these. My only qualm is that they were designed for a towering Brazilian goddess because I'm wearing my highest boots and they're still threatening to drag through any sidewalk nastiness I come across. On my to do list: get these hemmed. Or at least avoid gross puddles for a while.

The weather finally dipped below 80 degree in Florida, so we are (I am) all celebrating by wearing fall clothes and sacrificing candy corn to the pagan gods of fall. These J.Crew tissue turtlenecks are all I ever want to wear... as the name suggests, they're tissue-thin and super soft.

Paired everything with this baker boy hat that I'm 75% sure I'm pulling off. Hooray fall!