Blending In

When I saw this jumpsuit, my feelings wavered between love and hate before deciding I love it. It can be hard to decide if you like something in the heat of the moment; I can sometimes get caught up in imagining a piece styled in a certain way without regards to the more important question, "is it my style? Do I like it?" Ignoring those questions is the hallmark of every bad impulse purchase.

Anyway, this jumpsuit is a leafy green color and made out of the most ridiculous windbreaker-meets-sateen material. It also has shoulder pads. I feel like an extra in "Top Gun" wearing it.

To be honest, I was kinda baffled when it came to styling this jumpsuit, so I just went with my Everlane modern loafers and classic accessories. Next time I'll push the envelope a bit further, I'm thinking this would be awesome with sneakers (Nike Cortez?) and a trench coat.

Thankfully, I have a week off school for Thanksgiving (no pun intended?) and I'm planning to put together some cool looks to shoot for the blog. I also am working on a skincare post of sorts; this year has been an exhausting battle with hormonal acne and I want to put my story out there and include some of the things that helped me get it under control.

Outfit details: Everlane modern loafers, Everlane crossbody bag, Céline Tilda sunglasses, vintage jumpsuit, vintage belt.