Dem Jeans

I finally found the perfect pair of vintage mom jeans, and I literally feel like Michael Scott in that episode of The Office...

"Michael and his jeans... he gets in them, and I'm not exactly sure what happens, but I can tell you he loves the way he looks in those jeans. I know that's why he started casual Fridays."

And since I've been wearing these pretty much non-stop, today I dressed them up a little with black suede pumps and a frilly blouse. I'm one step closer to the capsule wardrobe of my dreams, which is especially great because I've got a few trips coming up and I'm pretty crap at packing tbh. I just end up bringing the most impractical things (three silk scarf options) and forgetting the necessities (pajamas, a scarf, a brush... true story).

Outfit details: Polette "Harry" glasses, Forever 21 high neck blouse (also like this one in black), vintage Gap jeans, Nasty Gal pumps (try these from Topshop, $68), vintage blazer (check out this one from Asos, $79), Everlane bag.