Is it just me, or does a sweater + trousers combo sometimes feel like a cop out? Sometimes I subconsciously roll my eyes because it seems like such a basic outfit, like, "yeah way to push the envelope there, buddy." Maybe that's why I felt the compulsive need to buy the most dramatic, giant, turtleneck and shiny metallic jacquard trousers I could find.

Regardless, this maroon + purple combo is so satisfying. The colors together are playing into my current color-block obsession. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for clothing in crazy colors and prints, which is a huge departure from my all-black-everything wardrobe from a few years ago. It's crazy to see how much your tastes change over time!

Outfit details: J.Crew trousers, Forever 21 sweater, vintage bag, Nasty Gal heels, vintage blazer, Polette "Harry" glasses.