The jumpsuit is officially my new go-to for summer. It's super cute whilst being as comfortable as pajamas. The stripes + paper bag trouser waist are trendy without being too on the nose. I hate when jumpsuits have no defined waist... they end up looking like a onesie for some overgrown toddler.  

Can you guess where I bought this? If you guessed thrift store, you're right and I am totally predictable. I can just image someone's sassy grandma wearing this and swilling gin + tonics at their summer house in Cape Cod. Thanks, gran!

To play up the post-modern vibe, I color blocked with these yellow suede mules (I still can't believe they're Forever 21!) and magenta circle earrings. A straw bag would be the perfect finishing touch for this outfit, but I have yet to find the right one.

Next on my jumpsuit agenda (lol "jumpsuit agenda") is to find one in a crazy disco-floral print, and to try out styling this one layered with tees and long sleeved blouses. Hooray for socially-acceptable pajamas!

Outfit details: vintage jumpsuit, Forever 21 mules, vintage earrings, Miu Miu sunglasses.