Fille en Rose

I love these pants! They feel like a walking exclamation point. I'm pretty sure they belonged to an eccentric grandpa before I found them at the thrift store.

I finally started watching Mad Men – after hearing everyone else in my advertising classes talk about it nonstop – about a zillion years late, I know. It's one of those shows that I was never able to properly get into but have always planned to watch.

I have to say, I loveee the costume design, and as an advertising student I totally geek out over their pitch and brainstorming scenes. It's also crazy to see how un-diverse the business world was back then... not to mention all the pregnant housewives chain smoking cigarettes and drinking!

Outfit details: vintage pink trousers, Tory Burch heels (similar, on sale!), Céline sunglasses, vintage chiffon blouse, Tobi lace bralette.


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