Fast Cars

Outfit details: vintage dress, Everlane day heels, Forever 21 charm necklace. 

I'd like to kick this post off with a shoutout to the owner of this little red sports car. It's definitely not mine, but I wish it was!

This is a simple outfit that I wore to my internship at the musuem. I wear these Everlane day heels constantly because they're comfortable and I love the chunky-meets-minimal shape. This dress was a heinous sack of polyester when I fished it out of a Goodwill rack, but I recognized the potential for Chanel-inspired greatness in the sleeves. After a trip to the tailor it's now one of my favorites! Tailoring your clothes makes such a huge difference, and it's not as expensive as you might assume. 

I finally found the perfect shade of taxi yellow nail polish. This one is O.P.I's "exotic birds do not tweet." Whose job is it to come up with nail polish names? Is this the millennial version of the Crayola crayon namer? And where do I sign up?


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