Outfit details: Zara snakeskin knee boots, vintage wool circle skirt, Wrangler denim shirt, Brtch Mfg bag

I pined over these heeled Zara snakeskin print boots for weeks until I finally caved and bought them. I go back and forth between “invest in basics!” and “invest in wearable statement pieces! Everything I own is boring!

These boots are somewhere in-between both sentiments. They’re a bold pattern, but in a neutral color. And the chunky heel and almond toe also make them more wearable day-to-day. I’m obsessed with pairing these boots with midi skirts and dresses. Not a huge fan of knee boots with tucked in jeans… that can read a lot more trendy, and calls too much attention to the boots.

I haven’t posted many outfit with this vintage Wrangler denim shirt, but it’s my most-worn clothing item right now! It’s a men’s shirt, in super soft denim with the perfect amount of slouch. The sleeves can be rolled up or buttoned at the wrist for poof. You can literally wear this shirt with anything… unbuttoned over a turtleneck with cropped trousers, tucked into a pencil skirt, or under a sleeveless dress.


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