Interior Fixation: Scandinavian Minimal
minimal office space with nook.jpeg
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I love this style mashup because it infuses minimalism with the warmth and comfort it so often lacks. I’m taking this style and applying it to my home office, which up until now has been an overflow closet/room my cat sneaks into to cough up hairballs.

It can feel overwhelming to take on a redecorating project – we bought our house last June and it’s no where close to finished. But the office project was made waaaay easier when I made a moodboard in Photoshop. I started by adding any furniture I knew was staying in the room, in this case a victorian desk. Then I trial-and-error added different furniture and textile options to the board until everything felt like it went together and matched the mood of my inspiration image.

Here’s some thoughts I had on combining minimalism and Scandinavian style in your home:


Narrow down your possessions to a select few items that bring you joy.

Your space feels curated, like an art gallery, where every item is a treasure glowing with mysterious possibility.

No clutter. Clean countertops, empty walls. Give your thoughts space to breathe.


palette is tons of warm neutral shades. Combine beige, white, oatmeal, cream for surprising depth.

natural materials like wood grain, knits and wool bring life.

infuse contrast with pops of black, or unexpected victorian flourishes like crown molding, a desk, or piece of art.


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