Hello from the Other Side

Outfit details: AGolde kick pinch high waist jeans, Topshop pointed pumps (also try these from Sam Edelman) Brooks Brothers dress shirt (men’s section), Givenchy silk scarf, vintage Dior oversized blazer, Everlane Petra crossbody bag (sold out). See below for shopping suggestions!

Hello! It’s been forever since I’ve done an outfit post. So! Many! Things to talk about! Namely – haircut. Holy crap, I did it. I always felt like my long hair didn’t do much for me style-wise. I had this pixie cut in the back of my mind for a while, but I kept chickening out: what if I hate it? What if I don’t have the right head shape for short hair? What if it looks disproportionate to my body? What if I have a weird cowlick?

Fast forward to a little over a month ago – chop! Shout out to Gaby at Whole Aveda for completely understanding my Jean Seberg a la Breathless inspiration. I’m so much happier with this haircut because it feels like a statement/style. It also emphasized my neck/shoulders which I find flattering.

I did run into a problem post-cut – a lot of my previously favorite clothes now felt frumpy or unflattering. This new haircut called for a major style overhaul. And with all the big changes happening in my life, I was emotionally ready for one too. I went back to the drawing board, planning a new wardrobe that felt chic, tailored, classic and feminine. I made lists of the key pieces I needed, and then shopped my own closet to see what fit into this new vision. Then I packed everything else away and started thoughtfully buying things to fill in the gaps. This included things like crisp white dress shirts, trousers, bateau neck tops and Breton stripes, and feminine details like ballet flats, pointed toe heels, and silk scarves that balanced the androgyny of my haircut.

It’s weirdly emotional, but a lot of fun to shake up your wardrobe (and identity, in turn!) like this. Style is always changing, always evolving, so you have to make sure you allow yourself room to try new things and change too.


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